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Adventure to one of the largest expanses of green between New York City and Chicago.

The Pennsylvania Wilds is famous for…

“Nowhere else in this country, from sea to sea, does nature comfort us with such assurance of plenty, such rich and tranquil beauty as in those unsung, unpainted hills of Pennsylvania.”  – Rebecca Harding David (1831-1910) American Author and Pennsylvania native

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Wilds, home to some of the most spectacular wild lands east of the Mississippi. Surround yourself with the same breathtaking beauty and fresh air that has greeted others for centuries.  Today, the Pennsylvania Wilds is one of the best outdoor recreation destinations in North America. Largely rural and forested, the region has a rich history and culture.

Lose (or find!) yourself in the Pennsylvania Wilds lifestyle: a slower pace where the way of life is intertwined with nature and stewardship.

Enjoy the unique community character of many small towns and cities. Talk to the locals – many of whom have lived in the Pennsylvania Wilds for multiple generations, since their ancestors first immigrated to the United States. The PA Wilds covers approximately 25% of the state’s land acreage in north central Pennsylvania, yet just 4% of the population. Once the former lumber capital of the world, the region is home to more than 2 million acres of public land, 50 state game lands, 29 state parks, 8 state forests, 2 National Wild & Scenic Rivers, abundant wildlife, hundreds of miles of land and water trails, some of the darkest skies in the country, and the largest elk herd in the northeast.


The Pennsylvania Wilds is also home to many charming and thriving local businesses, creators, makers, and artisans that celebrate and draw inspiration from the natural landscape, culture and heritage of the region. Today, The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania – rural PA’s largest network of creative entrepreneurs – connects Juried Artisans, Trading Posts, Host Sites, and Public Art spanning the 12.5 counties of the Pennsylvania Wilds. PA Wilds counties include: Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Lycoming, Clinton, Elk, Cameron, Forest, Clearfield, Clarion, Jefferson and northern Centre.


The PA Wilds is a Place and a Movement… The way of nature is our way of life.

a video introduction to the Pennsylvania Wilds

Watch “The Quiet Ones: PA Wilds, DCNR & Tataboline Enos – Life Above Route 80”