With 2.1 million acres of public land – natural resources are the heart of the Pennsylvania Wilds lifestyle and economy.

Here – conservation is not just a buzzword.
Stewardship of the natural environment is our way of life.

Our Conservation Legacy

The Pennsylvania Wilds is a special place in America with 50 state game lands, 29 state parks, 9 state and national forests, and 16,000 miles of streams and rivers. It’s a lot to take care of, and throughout history, it hasn’t always been easy. It has been our spirit of stewardship and conservation that has made the Pennsylvania Wilds home to 70% of our state’s finest headwaters, a $1.7 billion tourism industry, and to many people and industries who are able to make their living from the woods. Join us.

A Collaborative Effort of Many

Today, many people and organizations in the Pennsylvania Wilds are working as stewards of the region’s natural resources. From private citizen conservationists, to County Conservation Districts and Planners, State and Federal land managers, local land trusts, watershed organizations, sportsmen’s groups, wildlife conservation non-profits and private sector companies – an entire movement is dedicated to sustainable resource management.  These dedicated individuals strive to maintain the legacy of conservation that occurred in the region a generation ago, and the assets that are here today because of it.

Explore and Learn About Clean Energy

Nestled amid the region’s 2+ million acres of public land are inspired green buildings that explore how we can build smarter and reduce environmental impact.

Adjusting small habits can make a big impact on conserving energy, protecting our environment and boosting our economy at the same time. High performance building facilities offer inspiring takeaways for how we can all be better stewards.

VISIT: High Performance Buildings & Visitor Centers Directory and Download Brochure

Watch “The Quiet Ones: PA Wilds, DCNR & Tataboline Enos – Life Above Route 80”

a video introduction to our vast natural resources and conservation in action


The PA Wilds “Quiet Ones” video was produced with our partner, West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund (WPPSEF), a nonprofit organization that was founded to promote the deployment of sustainable energy technologies that benefit West Penn Power ratepayers in Pennsylvania. Learn More about WPPSEF and apply for funding for your clean energy project.