Our Journeys are the many roads & byways & trails & waterways that connect our landscapes and inspire your exploration.

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Pine Creek Rail Trail

One is unable to appreciate the majesty and sheer awesomeness of the 1,000 feet deep Pine Creek Gorge (aka our PA Grand Canyon) without a bicycle ride, walk, or horseback ride along the Pine Creek Rail Trail, voted by USA Today as one of the “10 great places to take a bike tour in the world.” Orient yourself to the trail and the surrounding area at the Tiadaghton Resource Center.

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West Branch Susquehanna

Flowing 228 miles total, the West Branch is one of two principal branches of the mighty Susquehanna River and a meandering and beautiful journey through the PA Wilds Lumber Heritage Region. A paddler's paradise, this scenic water trail flows through remote and mature hardwood forests, past historic river towns, and alongside rolling agricultural fields through. The West Branch Susquehanna Greenway corridor is a must-experience journey in the PA Wilds and includes the river itself as well as the parks, trails, and communities that line the river’s banks.

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Elk Scenic Drive

This 127-mile loop through portions of five counties is a drive-to-believe-it kind of experience. The distinct Elk Scenic Drive road signs are your guide for this journey.

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Bucktail Scenic Byway

Named for a regiment of rangers in the Civil War era - and today, known as Route 120, this designated Scenic Byway stretches 100 miles through the Sproul and Elk State Forests from the artsy college town of Lock Haven to Renovo (fuel up for gas here, Renovo is the last stop for many miles!) with beautiful views along the West Branch Susquehanna, on to the charming and historic town of Ridgway via Emporium and St. Marys.

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North Country National Scenic Trail

Find your unique journey on the NST in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Pennsylvania is one of 7 northern states that the North Country National Scenic Trail (NST) traverses, covering outstanding scenic beauty across a variety of environments. The Pennsylvania portions of the trail, which cover 265 miles, wind largely through our hardwood forests - including the Allegheny National Forest, and in portions, parallel to the Allegheny and Clarion Rivers.

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Kinzua Experience

Pronounced "kin-zoo," by local residents, and "kin-zew-uh" in the Seneca language, a road trip through Kinzua country is an experience rich in Native American history and modern advances.

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National Wild and Scenic Rivers

One may only appreciate what we mean by “wild and scenic” from the vantage point of a canoe or kayak, gently yet resolutely moving with current along our Nationally Designated Wild & Scenic Allegheny and the Clarion Rivers, and state designated water trails. The views are stunning from land though as well.

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Scenic Route 6

There is great freedom in travel and it is found on the 400+ scenic miles of PA Route 6. Truly, it is a journey like no other in Pennsylvania. Even National Geographic agrees, calling PA Route 6 “one of America’s most scenic drives,” and the Weather Channel picked Route 6 as its Pennsylvania choice for "Amazing Road Trips to Take In Every State!"

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