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Trailblazers Welcome in all Four Seasons! The Pennsylvania Wilds is home to more than 1,600 miles of hiking trails.

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Endless Paths and Trails

Lace up your boots and get ready to experience nature like you've never imagined it. Explore Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR) Explore PA Trails site, which features interactive trail maps searchable by county. There's nothing quite like the quiet and solitude of a walk in the woods. The state parks, the Allegheny National Forest, our mountains, gorges, rail trails and country roads of the Pennsylvania Wilds provide the space and variety for every type of hiking adventure you can think of.

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The Explore PA Trails website is a community resource for searching, discovering, and sharing trail information statewide. Pennsylvania Wilds trails can be searched by county. The Pennsylvania Wilds includes the counties of Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Lycoming, Clinton, Elk, Cameron, Forest, Clearfield, Clarion, Jefferson and northern Centre.

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Hiking in the Allegheny National Forest

Northeast and Central ANF: McKean County, Pennsylvania is Trail Central! Explore the Allegheny National Forest Vacation Bureau’s hiking directory of ANF trails, which includes the world famous Kinzua Bridge State Park Park hiking trails, and over 200 miles of trails throughout the ANF

Southern ANF: Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Explore the website for hiking and trail information covering the Southern portion of the ANF

Northwest ANF – Warren County: Explore a listing of Northwest ANF hiking trails from the Warren County Visitor Bureau, ranging from the popular Hearts Content Scenic Area to Rimrock Hiking Trail and Overlook

The North Country Trail:
The longest trail in the Allegheny National Forest, the North Country Trail is one of three designated National Scenic Trails in Pennsylvania and provides vistas of the Allegheny Reservoir as it passes through rock outcroppings, open hardwoods, old growth forests and stands of hemlock.

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Journeys & Landscapes


Allegheny National Forest and Surrounds

Covering more than 500,000 acres, the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) is Pennsylvania’s only national forest. It dominates the western end of the Pennsylvania Wilds and contains within it and around it some of the region’s most treasured places and experiences.


Cook Forest and the Ancients

Known as a land of giants because of the “forest cathedral” of ancient pines and hemlocks, this landscape is an ode to the majesty of the Pennsylvania Wilds and home to many of the tallest hemlock and pine trees in the Northeast. If an adventure among Cook Forest & The Ancients sounds mystifyingly exciting to you, rest assured that you’ll rest well during your exploration. So what are you waiting for? The Ancients are calling. Come see some of the tallest pine trees in the Northeast.


Dark Skies

Inspiring awe and delight, Dark Skies is home to the world’s second certified International Dark-Sky Park. Cherry Springs State Park is world-famous for being one the best places in the USA for stargazing and the study of astronomy. But these mesmerizing, star-filled skies are JUST the beginning.


Elk Country

Elk Country is a place that lives up to its name. Home to the largest free-roaming elk herd in the northeastern United States, Elk Country features two large visitor centers to welcome you. If you come to Elk Country for the elk, you won’t be disappointed. But if you stick around to see what’s all around you, you’ll be delighted you did.


I-80 Frontier

Whether you’re coming from the east, south or west, the I-80 Frontier is the quintessential welcome mat to the Pennsylvania Wilds. With its proximity to Pennsylvania’s southern population centers of Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, not to mention close by New York City, and Cleveland on the western side, it’s easy to plan a trip for each season. Home to forested state parks and storied towns and places, any given exit off the interstate is a surefire way to find and explore the natural and hidden wonders of the region.


Pine Creek Valley and The PA Grand Canyon

The Eastern Gateway to the PA Wilds...If it’s your first visit to the region, the PA Grand Canyon is a must see and one of the perfect ways to orient your mind and senses to the wonders of the Wilds. But once you’ve delighted in the Pine Creek Gorge views, you’ll soon discover that this scenic and unique landscape is best discovered from multiple vantage points.


North Country National Scenic Trail

Find your unique journey on the NST in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Pennsylvania is one of 7 northern states that the North Country National Scenic Trail (NST) traverses, covering outstanding scenic beauty across a variety of environments. The Pennsylvania portions of the trail, which cover 265 miles, wind largely through our hardwood forests - including the Allegheny National Forest, and in portions, parallel to the Allegheny and Clarion Rivers.


Pine Creek Rail Trail

One is unable to appreciate the majesty and sheer awesomeness of the 1,000 feet deep Pine Creek Gorge (aka our PA Grand Canyon) without a bicycle ride, walk, or horseback ride along the Pine Creek Rail Trail, voted by USA Today as one of the “10 great places to take a bike tour in the world.” Orient yourself to the trail and the surrounding area at the Tiadaghton Resource Center.