Made in the PA Wilds

The Pennsylvania Wilds is home to an impressive and diverse community of skilled artisans, craftspeople, and producers whose work often reflects the beauty, bounty and rural traditions of our region. These creative artisans and entrepreneurs influence our region in unique ways. And you can too.

Take Home a Piece of the PA Wilds

Find a variety of products proudly made in the PA Wilds at the PA Wilds Conservation Shop, retail locations that source regionally-made and value-added items from PA Wilds artisans. Whether shopping at the flagship shop at Kinzua Bridge State Park (296 Viaduct Road, Kane, PA 16735), Leonard Harrison State Park (4797 Route 660, Wellsboro, PA 16901) or online at, purchases at the PA Wilds Conservation Shop have a ripple effect on the regional economy.

Shopping in the PA Wilds

Explore the idyllic communities dotting the landscape of the PA Wilds and shop at the small businesses you find along the way!

Whether it’s enjoying a farm to table meal, savoring the sips of a craft beverage, paddling down a river, taking in public art, or bringing home a handmade souvenir we believe the experiences and products made in the PA Wilds are like no other.

As you travel the region, look for The Wilds Cooperative PA logo on hang tags, signs and banners and know that you are experiencing a part of the PA Wilds!  The Wilds Cooperative of PA is a network of more than 200 small businesses from across the PA Wilds region. Including artisans, producers, outfitters, retail, lodging, recreational, cultural and food establishments, these are people who live and work in rural PA, love what they do, and have proven through a jurying process that they are good at doing it.

Made Local. Sell Local.

If you are a retailer interested in sourcing inventory from producers in the PA Wilds, it’s never been easier. Check out the PA Wilds Buyer’s Guide and the Wilds Cooperative of PA member directory links below to find unique, regionally-made products!

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