Share Your PA Wilds Story

Join our Civilian Storyteller Corps and help us tell the whole story of the Pennsylvania Wilds.

It’s a large task.

And it’s one we can do together!


Consider the following questions:

  • Are you an outdoor explorer with a story to tell?
  • Do you possess knowledge that others can learn from?
  • Did you have an experience in the Pennsylvania Wilds that you want the world to know about?
  • Are you an artist whose work is inspired by nature?
  • Do you work in conservation or environmental stewardship fields and have information to share?
  • Do you enjoy sharing your stories with others?


If you answered yes to any of these questions – you might be a good fit for the WildSPEAK program!

We want The Pennsylvania Wilds Are Calling readers to hear about the bountiful opportunities the Pennsylvania Wilds has to offer from those with a passion for it!

(And that’s where you come in!)

Introducing WildSPEAK

WildSPEAK describes the Pennsylvania Wilds Civilian Storyteller Corps.  These volunteer members share Stories of Personal Experience And Knowledge, helping readers truly understand the great assets of the Pennsylvania Wilds.

This collaborative opportunity allows visitors and residents of the region to share their stories, passions, expertise and experiences in an effort to promote our region and help it thrive economically through nature and heritage-based tourism.

Meet current WildSPEAK members

Lou Bernard

Lou Bernard is a freelance writer, historian, explorer, outdoor enthusiast, and paranormal investigator. Lou is a staff member at the Annie Halenbake Ross Library, and volunteers at the Piper Aviation Museum. He is a member of the Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers, and investigates old legends and stories from the past.  He lives in Clinton County.

Ellen Matis

Ellen Matis is the owner of social media agency Hello Social Co., based in Bellefonte, Pa. When she’s not in the office, you can usually find her hiking and camping in one of Pennsylvania’s state parks or trying a new craft brew.

Ed Byers

With deep Potter County roots, Ed Byers is a former radio and TV newscaster, newspaper writer and corporate communications/media relations manager.  Byers is past President of the Associated Press Radio- TV Broadcasters Association and The Press Club of Cleveland. He is retired and lives in the nearby Allegheny National Forest.

Karen Elias

Karen Elias, retired after 40 years of teaching college English, is now working as a freelance writer and environmental advocate in Lock Haven. She recently completed training to become a Climate Reality leader and is using her writing to increase both awareness of our precious natural resources and support for environmental sustainability. As a regular contributor who shares Stories of Personal Experience And Knowledge to the PA Wilds.

Ray Hunt

Ray Hunt is a freelance writer and avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fly fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and outdoor activities in the PA Wilds. He is a member of the Diablo Valley Fly Fishing Club (DVFF), the PA Outdoor Writers Association (POWA), Trout Unlimited (TU), and lives in Clearfield County and works in the media industry. He can be reached at

LaKeshia Knarr

LaKeshia Knarr is a Central Pennsylvania native, artist, outdoor enthusiast and lover of all things history. Since childhood she has valued the beauty and serenity of nature. An award-winning writer, she aims to tell the stories and history of the people and places of the Pennsylvania Wilds and build connections among them. LaKeshia serves as the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Director at the PA Wilds Center and helps manage program development, outreach and content marketing.

Hannah Brock

Hannah Brock has called the PA Wilds home since 2016 when she found herself working at Wolf’s General Store in the PA Grand Canyon. A lover of discovery, Hannah spent much of her time exploring the hiking paths, bike trails, and waterways of the PA Grand Canyon before officially settling in Elk Country’s St. Marys, PA in 2018. A native of PA, Hannah fell in love with the PA Wilds communities and wants to help build the places that she now calls home.

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