Share Your PA Wilds Story

Join our Civilian Storyteller Corps and help us tell the whole story of the Pennsylvania Wilds.

It’s a large task.

And it’s one we can do together!


Consider the following questions:

  • Are you an outdoor explorer with a story to tell?
  • Do you possess knowledge that others can learn from?
  • Did you have an experience in the Pennsylvania Wilds that you want the world to know about?
  • Are you an artist whose work is inspired by nature?
  • Do you work in conservation or environmental stewardship fields and have information to share?
  • Do you enjoy sharing your stories with others?


If you answered yes to any of these questions – you might be a good fit for the WildSPEAK program!

We want The Pennsylvania Wilds Are Calling readers to hear about the bountiful opportunities the Pennsylvania Wilds has to offer from those with a passion for it!

(And that’s where you come in!)

Introducing WildSPEAK

WildSPEAK describes the Pennsylvania Wilds Civilian Storyteller Corps.  These volunteer members share Stories of Personal Experience And Knowledge, helping readers truly understand the great assets of the Pennsylvania Wilds.

This collaborative opportunity allows visitors and residents of the region to share their stories, passions, expertise and experiences in an effort to promote our region and help it thrive economically through nature and heritage-based tourism.

Meet current WildSPEAK members

Lou Bernard

Lou Bernard is a freelance writer, historian, explorer, outdoor enthusiast, and paranormal investigator. Lou is a staff member at the Annie Halenbake Ross Library, and volunteers at the Piper Aviation Museum. He is a member of the Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers, and investigates old legends and stories from the past.  He lives in Clinton County.

Ed Byers

With deep Potter County roots, Ed Byers is a former radio and TV newscaster, newspaper writer and corporate communications/media relations manager.  Byers is past President of the Associated Press Radio- TV Broadcasters Association and The Press Club of Cleveland. He is retired and lives in the nearby Allegheny National Forest.

Katie Weidenboerner

Katie Weidenboerner is an adventure mom, trail runner, photographer and award-winning journalist hailing from the rugged and gnarly mountains of Elk County and now living in the Pittsburgh area. A fierce advocate of the PA Wilds, she can most often be found on back roads chasing the most wicked, weird and wonderful exploits the region has to offer.

Stephanie Distler

Stephanie Distler is a self taught jewelry artist.  She has been involved with the PA Wilds work for years, and is a juried professional artisan in the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. Stephanie serves as social media coordinator for the PA Wilds Center and helps manage the PA Wilds and Wilds Cooperative of PA Facebook pages.

Nick Lyter

Nick Lyter was born in Juniata County. Hunting whitetails and small game, as well as ducks and geese, and fishing for trout in the local streams and bass in both the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers played a large role in how he spent his time. Nick served in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army National Guard. He attended college at Southern Illinois University and has worked with various nonprofit organizations.

LaKeshia Knarr

LaKeshia Knarr is a Central Pennsylvania native, artist, outdoor enthusiast and lover of all things history. Since childhood she has valued the beauty and serenity of nature. An award-winning writer, she aims to tell the stories and history of the people and places of the Pennsylvania Wilds and build connections among them. LaKeshia serves as an Outreach Specialist with the PA Wilds Center and helps manage outreach and content development.

Kristin Lewis

Kristin Lewis was born and raised in the PA Wilds. After 10 years of living in urban areas, Kristin relocated back to her home in the Wilds. It’s the great forested landscapes, fresh air and room to move, close-knit communities and endless outdoor recreation, fun journeys, the arts and unique small businesses that brought her back. Now she helps promote these assets as the PA Wilds Center Communications Director.

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