WildSPEAK Program Benefits

This is a volunteer opportunity for people with diverse interests and backgrounds who are willing to write about the things they love most.


Volunteers can submit one story, or many!


Long-term WildSPEAK volunteers will have the opportunity to:

  • Join the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania, one of rural Pennsylvania’s largest networks of creative entrepreneurs;
  • Build resume-worthy experience as a writing contributor for a regional marketing and business development organization that has national reach;
  • Participate in valuable networking opportunities offered by the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship;
  • Expand personal following, while sharing information about the places and things you love most in the PA Wilds;
  • Contribute to the PA Wilds Center’s larger mission of marrying conservation and economic development in a way that strengthens and inspires communities within the Pennsylvania Wilds region.


Single story submissions are accepted from the public; however, the complimentary WildSPEAK membership is reserved for ongoing contributors.


Worried you’re not a professional writer?

Don’t be!


This is a collaborative experience, an opportunity to create a written testament to our collective experiences and share wisdom for both today and tomorrow’s adventure seekers. We can help you refine your writing.


The PA Wilds Center staff will collect submissions and reserves the right to modify submissions prior to publication. We’ll notify you when a new piece has been published, and hope you will help us to spread the word about the fresh content!