PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas

Orient yourself to our region with the
PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas

The 50+ page PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas is the go-to guide for people looking to explore the wonders of the PA Wilds.


Serving as a print companion to, the PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Atlas provides:

  • travel tips and planning resources
  • inspiration for things to see and do throughout the region
  • navigable maps
  • details on our region’s conservation legacy
  • and much more!


Buy your copy today for $9.95 via the PA Wilds Conservation Shop!

proceeds from Atlas sales support future runs and editions of the Atlas

10 years in the making

How a map became an atlas

It’s been nearly a decade since the production of the original Pennsylvania Wilds Outdoor Discovery Map, a brochure/map designed to help visitors navigate our rural region. Two versions were printed prior to 2010, but many things have changed on the ground since. PA Wilds Center embarked on developing an updated map in late 2018 — but the design team realized there was a greater opportunity to showcase key attractions, photography from throughout the region and more! That’s why the map is now an atlas!