Plan Ahead and Prepare

Be prepared before traveling. Learn about the areas you plan to visit. Look up how to get there, what facilities are available, local terrain, rules and regulations, what communities are nearby and any special concerns for the area.

Other ways to prepare:

  • Cell service is limited in the PA Wilds region so bring maps or a GPS device and know how to use them. Gas stations are also not always readily available, so be sure to monitor your fuel and fill up when possible. Have a plan in case of an emergency as you may not be able to contact emergency services or they may have to travel from far away.
  • Consider avoiding times of high use by visiting lesser known areas or by scheduling your trip in the off season, on weekdays, early in the morning or later in the day. This includes autumn, when some of our key destinations are packed with people visiting to the PA Wilds to see the beautiful fall foliage colors and listen to the bugling elk.
  • Check the weather and remember food, water and clothes to protect you from cold, heat and rain.


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