Keep Wildlife Wild

PA Wilds is home to amazing wildlife including white tailed deer, elk, turkey and even bears. It’s important to give them the space they need because animals are sometimes unpredictable.

  • Stay safe by not approaching wildlife and observing all wild animals from a safe distance. For larger wildlife, such as elk and bears, this means 100 yards or approximately one football field.
  • Never feed animals. Feeding wildlife teaches them to associate people, cars or homes with food, which can cause animals to become aggressive or even dangerous. Human food is also unhealthy for wild creatures.
  • When outdoors, protect yourself, bears and other critters by storing all food, smellables such as toothpaste and sunscreen and trash securely in a canister, locked vehicle, or provided lockers. Keeping your camp clean and never cooking over a campfire will also ensure you do not attract any unwanted visitors.

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