June 1, 2023

New Susquehanna Grains & Grapes Trail for beer and wine lovers

Hoping to relax with a beer or glass of wine during your travels around Clinton County? As you explore the Susquehanna River, use a new tasting trail to guide you to some wonderful drinks that showcase the flavors of the I-80 Frontier and Pine Creek Valley landscapes of the PA Wilds. The Clinton County Economic Partnership’s Visitors Bureau is hoping to attract a 21+ crowd from near and far with a new beer and wine tasting adventure, the Susquehanna Grains & Grapes Trail.

May 26, 2023

A Titanic spot in the PA Wilds

Writer Lou Bernard introduces us to a historical hidden gem in the PA Wilds: a small brick building in Lock Haven that has ties to the doomed voyage of the Titanic and its captain.

May 23, 2023

PA Wilds resident’s photo to appear on Clinton County Logan Mills Covered Bridge puzzle

A PA Wilds resident snapped the picture that will appear on the Clinton County Economic Partnership Visitors Bureau’s second puzzle in the "Clinton County Landmarks" puzzle series. George Masden lives in Mackeyville, just south of Lock Haven in Clinton County, in the I-80 Frontier landscape of the PA Wilds. The winning image of the Covered Bridge at Logan Mills was selected from more than 30 photos submitted in the recent "Capture the Covered Bridge" photo contest. It will be the “face” of a 550-piece, 18x24-inch jigsaw puzzle.

April 25, 2023

“Capture the Covered Bridge” photo contest for puzzle, deadline May 15

The Covered Bridge at Logan Mills will be the subject of the 2023 puzzle, the second in the Clinton County Visitors Bureau’s annual "Clinton County Landmarks" puzzle series. The Visitors Bureau, part of the Clinton County Economic Partnership, is now accepting pre-orders for the puzzle, and, as was the case for last year’s inaugural puzzle of Hyner View, is conducting a "Capture the Covered Bridge" photo contest to gather pictures of the iconic covered bridge, one of which will be selected to serve as the image on the puzzle.

March 29, 2023

Roadside markers in the Pennsylvania Wilds

If you’ve done any sort of traveling in Pennsylvania, you’ve definitely seen them: the roadside historic markers. Invariably dark blue with yellow lettering, these markers stand beside the roads in Pennsylvania to capture the stories and tell the history of specific locations. They are created and maintained by the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission in Harrisburg, and they’re found in every county.

March 24, 2023

Piecing together the history of a short-lived industry at Eagleton Fields

With nearly 20,000 years of human occupation documented in Pennsylvania, there’s an amazing variety of history to highlight in our forests. This includes Eagleton Fields Mines, located at the site of a former mining village in Clinton County in the Tangascootac watershed.

March 22, 2023

Cameron County: Cultivating connection and culture

There is greatness generated within the county lines of Cameron County. From being the birthplace of TV star Tom Mix and federal co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission, Rick Peltz, to contributing to sourcing flagstone for the Tomb of Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. There has been a long history of talent, natural resources, perseverance, and innovation in Cameron County, and the area continues to be a wealth of natural beauty and culture.

March 2, 2023

Take a trip to Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery

Between the rolling hills of Curwensville, along the I-80 Frontier Landscape of the PA Wilds, sits Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery. This business's traditions and entrepreneurial spirit have created over 30 unique wines and one very wild one.

February 28, 2023

The Allegheny National Forest celebrates 100 years

With the simple stroke of a pen 100 years ago, President Calvin Coolidge signed a proclamation establishing the Allegheny National Forest (ANF). Thanks to President Coolidge and several other U.S. Presidents, you, me and many others get to enjoy the wonder of it all. The journey that moment in 1923 to now has been long and difficult, with hard work throughout the ANF's history.

February 21, 2023

Graham Acres

While it's not exactly a tourist attraction, the Lock Haven Hospital does have an interesting history behind it, a history that even connects with Hollywood movies. The Lock Haven Hospital sits at the top of a hill in the western portion of Lock Haven. Once upon a time, that hill was a horse farm. It was known as Graham Acres, and the land was donated to be used for a hospital.