January 5, 2023

Stay safe on state forest roads this winter

Pennsylvania state forests are popular for winter recreation enthusiasts, and we would like to remind everyone to be safe when traveling state forest roads in winter conditions. For economic, logistic and environmental reasons, many state forest roads and drivable trails receive no winter maintenance and are considered “travel at own risk.”

January 3, 2023

Recycling and giving your real Christmas tree a new purpose

When the holidays are over, don’t throw your real Christmas tree out with the trash -- recycle it! The Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources (DCNR) says you can give your old Christmas tree new life, even after the pine needles are starting to fall off of it.

January 2, 2023

New Year’s Resolutions that the PA Wilds can help you accomplish

A New Year’s Resolution is all about hope for the upcoming year. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish in 2023, there are places in the PA Wilds that can help you achieve it.

December 28, 2022

Year in Review: Top 10 PA Wilds blogs of 2022

For those of you who didn't get a chance to keep up with the blog all year, we're counting down the Top 10 blogs for you to catch up on all things PA Wilds before 2023 arrives. Starting with #10 and ending with #1, check out the most read blogs of this year!

December 26, 2022

Start your 2023 on the right foot with a First Day Hike

Go take a hike! No, really. You can start the new year on the right foot (literally) with guided hikes at many state parks throughout Pennsylvania, including several in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

December 22, 2022

Learning to love the winter

Britt admits... she's not a big fan of winter. However, something changed one day while driving over Rockton Mountain in Clearfield County. A view of dazzling icy trees and untouched snow made her appreciate how beautiful winter really is in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

December 19, 2022

As the year closes

At the beginning of the year, Lou Bernard wrote a piece about things he would like to do in the Pennsylvania Wilds called "In the coming year: A PA Wilds bucket list" – places he'd love to visit and thing he'd like to learn. Now, at the end of 2022, he reflects on how many of the those goals he was able to accomplish (like a trip to Cook Forest or learning about the communities in the PA Wilds), along with some things he wasn't able to do yet but wants to achieve in the upcoming year. Lou knows there's always next year, and he'll keep exploring the Pennsylvania Wilds.

December 16, 2022

How deer hunters help our forests

As a PA hunter for over 36 years, Ryan Reed says he's been fortunate to take his share of deer. Beyond the potential comfort of a freezer full of “organic” meat is the idea that deer hunters share in the critical role of safeguarding the future of our forests.

December 13, 2022

Snowmobile season starts this Friday, with trails open in ANF

Time to start your engines! The snowmobile season officially begins at 8:00 a.m. on December 16, 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Forest Service, with trails opening in the Allegheny National Forest. Snowmobile trails will remain open until 12:oo p.m. on March 31, 2023. Learn more about snowmobiling in the PA Wilds!

December 9, 2022

DCNR hiring for 2023 nine-month Pennsylvania Outdoor Corps

The Pennsylvania Outdoor Corps is now hiring for its 2023 nine-month young adult crews and cultural resources crew. Nine-month young adult crew members gain numerous real-world skills, job training, and environmental educational opportunities while completing recreation and conservation projects on Pennsylvania’s public lands, including in our PA Wilds region.