The Trails at Jakes Rocks

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Mountain Biking PA Wilds style

The Trails at Jakes Rocks is a new stacked loop mountain biking trail. This 30+ mile trail was developed in partnership with world renowned trail development company, Trail Solutions, sister company of IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association).

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Located off of the Longhouse National Scenic Byway in the Allegheny National Forest, the expertly-designed Trails at Jakes Rocks is a 30+ mile adventure mountain bike loop that winds through natural boulders and scenic forested landscapes. Volunteer trail developers have received additional funding for continued expansion of new trails. With segments for varying skills levels, this premier mountain biking trail system brings thousands of visitors to the ANF.

Class 1 e-bikes are now permitted on the Jakes Rocks Trail System. Permitting class 1 e-bikes allows more people to start mountain biking or to continue enjoying this outdoor pursuit as they age or their physical condition changes.

What do riders have to say?

“Each trail had climbs that pushed your cardio with excellent pay offs and rewarding flow sections. We hit all of the trails, they were all so well engineered and maintained. It was a thrill to ride and we can’t wait to go back and ride again.” Amanda, Facebook


“Totally epic ride for the area. Beautifully thought out, engineered and maintained trails and some of the greatest views in the area!” Joe, Facebook


“Outstanding in every way, and a nice break from the roots of WNY trails. Jake’s is all smooth singeltrack. Fast and flowy. The berms are awesome, and so are the wooden bridges. Even some of the bridges are bermed. How awesome is that?” Chad, Facebook


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Mountain Biking PA Wilds Style

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Balancing Recreation with Conservation

Mountain bicycling is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreation activities around the world! As mountain biking continues to grow as a major activity on public lands, clear trail management strategies are needed to ensure continued recreation opportunities and protection of natural resources. The Trails at Jakes Rocks hold regular volunteer work days to maintain the trails.