Rimrock Overlook

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Stunning Views

Rimrock Overlook offers a stunning view of Kinzua Bay, which extends southwest from the main body of the Allegheny Reservoir. This scenic vista sits atop large boulders, with special viewing areas with protective handrails. From the parking area, the overlook is a 200-foot elevation drop on a hiking path with stairs.

Things to do

Rimrock Scenic Vista

Take in the vast landscape

Wide views and fresh air... From atop the massive boulders at Rimrock, enjoy a sweeping view of the reservoir and mountain landscape. Be sure to have your camera ready. Hiking paths are available, offering spectacular views along the way. Catch a glimpse of soaring hawks or eagles, as well as boaters on the water. Exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings at all times when hiking along paths without guardrails.


Explore rock formations

Descend stone stairways between narrow walls of massive boulders. Prepared hikers with proper footwear can further explore the rock formations from below, and enjoy an incredible view looking up, as well as inside caves and stone nooks. While guardrails are available in some places, the stone steps can make for rugged terrain.

Take in the sights

Relax and enjoy

Hike below

Explore the rock formations from below.