I-80 Frontier Rock Formations

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Beartown Rocks - Scripture Rocks Heritage Park - Bilger's Rocks

Beartown Rocks in Clear Creek State Forest, Scripture Rocks Heritage Park, and Bilger's Rocks are all short drives off of I-80. Free to visit, these sites provide diverse opportunities to explore massive boulders and rock formations. Beartown Rocks and Bilger's Rocks are well known for their scenic views and Scripture Rocks Heritage Park, just a few miles south of I-80, is famous for its mysterious history and Biblical rock carvings. (Photo by: Rebecca Thomas)

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Explore the rocks! Clearly marked hiking trails provide a great opportunity for outdoor activity and scenic views at both rock formation sites.

Beartown Rocks

Located in Clear Creek State Forest a short drive north of I-80, Beartown Rocks is a rock city with a view. Massive, house-sized boulders, separated by narrow to wide “streets,” occupy a wooded hill on state forest land. Known as “one of the best kept secrets” in Clear Creek State Forest, these massive boulders offer breathtaking scenic views of the valley below. Hike up the rock formation staircase to take in a view of the valley below. Bring your camera! (Photo by: Rebecca Thomas)

Scripture Rocks Heritage Park

Located just a few miles south of I-80, off the Hazen exit and near Brookville, lies Scripture Rocks Heritage Park. Explore boulders and rock formations hand-carved with Biblical verses and the spiritual writings of Douglas Monroe Stahlman over 100 years ago. Many local legends exist on the man and the meaning behind the carvings. The mysterious and complex historical narrative can be explored via interpretive signage along the well marked trails, or in a booklet available for purchase at the trail head.

Bilger’s Rocks

Located near Grampian and Curwensville, just south of I-80, Bilger’s Rocks is an incredible rock formation site. The 300-million-year-old sandstone formations are preserved and celebrated by the Bilger’s Rocks Association. The natural area includes caves, cliffs, passageways and other unusual features for hikers and adventurers to explore. These rocks have attracted visitors for more than 10,000 years and were once used for shelter by Native Americans. You can also check out this free virtual tour of Bilger’s Rocks created by Visit Clearfield County!