Elk Country Visitor Center

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Wildlife Education and Viewing

Thousands of visitors come to the Elk Country Visitor Center to see the elk herd year round, and learn about elk and other wildlife in the Pennsylvania Wilds, conservation practices and our amazing ecosystem. Not only will you get a chance to appreciate Elk in their natural habitat, but you will depart inspired by the dedication of people who act as daily stewards of the natural habitat and inhabitants of the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Things to do


Learn from exhibits

The Center offers educational displays, interactive panels, and an immersive theater where guests can learn about other native plants and animals, the region's rich history and culture, and the surrounding natural forest and ecosystem.


Elk Expo

Don’t miss the Elk Expo in held annually in August. The Pennsylvania Game Commission holds their annual elk license drawing live at the Expo, drawing in thousands of hunters and spectators. The event is family friendly, with a multitude of vendors, from food to fine art and crafts. The PA Great Outdoors Elk Expo won the PA Wilds 2015 Event of the Year! The annual Pennsylvania Game Commission elk hunting license drawing and the Keystone Elk Country Alliance bull of a lifetime tag drawing always attract large crowds. For kids, there are lots of fun activities and educational opportunities, including horse-drawn wagon rides, an archery shoot, many interactive exhibits, and a 4D sensory surround theater. http://www.elkexpo.com


Explore the area

The family friendly Visitor Center has three observation trails with viewing areas and interpretive displays. The trails are wheelchair accessible. Designed for visitors of all ages and backgrounds, the Elk Country Visitor Center is one of the most popular destinations in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Elk Viewing

Observe this wild elk herd up close and personal (but always maintain a safe distance!)

Family Friendly

Enjoy family friendly exhibits and our Made in the USA gift shop

Visit the center

Explore educational exhibits on wildlife conservation and herd management

The Fall Rut

Listen for the famous elk bugle mating call - a long bellow that ascends to a long high note.