Motorized Recreation

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Motorized Recreation

Off-road challenges and hundreds of miles of trails for motorized recreation welcome ATV and snowmobile riders to the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Whether you're riding in a summer breeze, splashing through some mud, or checking out the autumn leaves, outdoor enthusiasts love making memories on their ATVs. And the fun doesn't stop when it snows! Then it's time to break out the snowmobile and hit the trails again.

Motorized recreation is fun for the whole family. Riding an ATV or snowmobile brings families and friends together. Even folks who are quite as "outdoorsy" still love the thrill of riding on a ATV. Teens who are reluctant to spend time with family suddenly enjoy the quality time that motorized recreation brings. Fresh air, sunshine, and nature help perk up any afternoon.

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Motorized Recreation in the Wilds

Rev up and feel nature's breeze at higher speeds! Both the ANF and State Lands provide designated trails for motorized recreation. Permits are required.

Allegheny National Forest Motorized Recreation Trails

The Allegheny National Forest is home to over 100 miles of ATV trails, located in both the northern and southern portions of the ANF. The largest interconnected trail is in the southern ANF, located between Marienville and Kane, where motorized recreation enthusiasts travel great distances to enjoy a 76 mile trail system and easy access to traveler amenities like fuel, food and lodging nearby. A permit is required to ride in the ANF.

State Forests Motorized Recreation Trails

State Forests throughout Pennsylvania have designated ATV trails to accommodate trail enthusiasts. Learn where to ride, what paperwork you need, and how to responsibly and safely use the trails. Local clubs and organizations have formed to promote ATV and snowmobile riding across the state. To find out about the nearest organization near you, contact the Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association at 1-888-411-PSSA or the Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association (PaOHV) at

Allegheny National Forest

Motorized Recreation Trails

State Forests

Motorized Recreation Trails


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Journeys & Landscapes


Allegheny National Forest and Surrounds

Covering more than 500,000 acres, the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) is Pennsylvania’s only national forest. It dominates the western end of the Pennsylvania Wilds and contains within it and around it some of the region’s most treasured places and experiences.


Dark Skies

Inspiring awe and delight, Dark Skies is home to the world’s second certified International Dark-Sky Park. Cherry Springs State Park is world-famous for being one the best places in the USA for stargazing and the study of astronomy. But these mesmerizing, star-filled skies are JUST the beginning.