PA Wilds Makers Market

Find your next WILD thing!

And by WILD things, we mean the amazing products and services made and offered in the #PAWilds that
reflect our region’s natural beauty, bounty and rural traditions!



October 23, 2021

10 AM – 4 PM


Tune in from anywhere to easily find products, services + experiences
proudly made in the Pennsylvania Wilds.


A live stream on this page will feature demonstrations, tours and interviews of artisan studios, galleries and shops. Makers will showcase their products, services and businesses in virtual “booths,” where you will be able to easily find their contact information or websites to shop.

How To Participate

Want to be a vendor?

PA Wilds Makers Market vendors are members of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania (WCO), a network of more than 350 creative entrepreneurs making products, offering services and creating experiences in the Pennsylvania Wilds.


Does this sound like you?

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