PA Wilds Makers Market

November 5-6, 20212

Find your next WILD thing!

And by WILD things, we mean the amazing products and services made and offered in the #PAWilds that
reflect our region’s natural beauty, bounty and rural traditions!


November 5-6, 2022


Tune in to the PA Wilds Marketplace from anywhere to easily find products, services + experiences proudly made in the Pennsylvania Wilds.


A  playlist of videos will be released during the event, showcasing artisan demonstrations, tours and interviews. Makers will feature their products, services and businesses within their storefronts -- where you will be able to easily shop for all their products from one website. Look for new product releases, deals and discounts, and new sellers!

How To Participate

Watch the playlist of videos! The videos will feature artists providing demonstrations and tours in their studios across the Pennsylvania Wilds.


Peruse the artisan's storefronts!  Below you'll find a directory of the participating artists, where you can learn more about their businesses. However, if you go to the PA Wilds Marketplace, you'll be able to shop for products from them all in one location!


Leave a recommendation!  If you've already shopped with one of the featured Makers, don’t forget to leave them a review or recommendation on their profile too!

Makers Directory


Click play below to re-watch the 2021 PA Wilds Makers Market live stream!

Need help navigating the Makers Market?

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Looking for more #PAWildsMade products?

Be sure to check out the PA Wilds Marketplace, an online maker marketplace where you can buy even more products from members of the Wilds Cooperative of PA (WCO) on one easy platform, and PA Wilds Conservation Shops, physical gift shops in the PA Wilds whose primary product lines come from members of the WCO.

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Aerial view of Brookville by Kyle Yates