Austin Town Lighting & Cookies with Santa!

It is the Austin Pride Committee’s pleasure to invite the public to join us for our annual Town Lighting and Cookies with Santa event! Please join us on Sunday, November 25th from 6 to 8 PM on the town Square! Santa will be there to help kick off the holiday season and enjoy some cookies and hot chocolate! This event is free to the public.

The Austin Pride Committee is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization based in Austin, Pennsylvania within Potter County. The main focus of our organization is to aid in community revitalization and to continue to instill and nourish a sense of pride within our residents and our town. We actively fundraise and partner with like-minded organizations to be able to lead initiatives such as an annual Independence Day Firework Display, Community Service and Awareness Scholarships, Volunteer Community Cleanup Days, Community Festivals, and the like. This year, we have initiated a Town Lighting project for the upcoming Holiday season. Individual fundraising efforts, combined with personal donations, County grant support, local Borough partnership, and a pile of volunteered work hours have enabled us to be successful.

We would also like to say a very special thanks for the following Individuals and organizations for helping us make this possible:
• The residents of Austin and all the surrounding area’s supporters.
• Community Volunteers for devoting their personal time within the Pride Committee to assist with decorating.
• Potter County Commissioner’s Office and Jennifer Rossman for grant funding through the Community Development Department.
• Austin Borough Council members and Employees for partnering with our initiative for additional funding as well as help hanging decorations.
• Cock Eyed Cricket for continued support of all Austin Pride Committee events and initiatives.
• Mr. Rigas, Wending Creek Farms, and Chris Amidon for their generosity in donating the much-needed Christmas trees for Main Street and our local churches.
• Scott Hostetlar for donating his time and holiday spirit for this event.
• Austin Volunteer Fire Department for continued use of their facilities and donated items for fundraising events.