There's nothing quite like the quiet and solitude of a walk in the woods. The state parks, mountains, gorges, and country roads of the Pennsylvania Wilds provide the space and variety for every type of hiking adventure you can think of. Looking to surprise some elk? Walk softly, and you just might. Want to climb down a grand canyon? We have one of those, too. Lace up your boots and get ready to experience nature like you've never imagined it. Maps of State Parks in the PA Wilds region.

Beartown Rocks

Clear Creek State Park Sigel PA


The best kept secret in Clear Creek State Park. This impressive collection of house-sized boulders, created by glaciers, are fascinating landmarks scattered throughout the area. Breathtaking scenic views from the top of these enormous rocks. Climb the rock formation creating a staircase to a vista overlooking the valley below. Easy hiking trails provide a perfect opportunity for wildlife watching. Don’t forget your cameras!

Directions: From Sigel, take Route 949 North for about 1 mile. Turn right onto Spring Creek Road, continue for 1 mile. Turn left onto Corbett Road. After .3 miles, the entrance to Beartown Rocks will be on the left.

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