Thousands of people in over 200 counties are discovering a new pastime known as Geocaching. This adventure involves the use of a handheld GPS receiver, and based on information provided on the official geocaching website the GPS receiver guides its operators to hidden treasures just waiting to be found all over the countryside. A typical cache consist of a waterproof container, a log book and trinkets that serve as trade items; the idea is to take an item, then replace it with an item of equal value. Once the log book is signed and trinkets exchanged, the container is put back in exactly the same place it was found, to await the next finder.

Getting started is easy.. All you need is a handheld GPS receiver and internet access. Log onto (membership is free) and enter the zip code of the location where you would like to go Geocaching. You’ll get a list of caches in the area and from that list enter the latitude/longitude coordinates of your chosen cache into your GPS receiver and you’re good to go.

The nature of the sport of geocaching is such that trails, locations, and game pieces are often at the mercy of the elements and the non-geocaching public. All participants must understand that geocaching, as well as hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities involve require participants to be thoughtful and always aware. There are many variables including, but not limited to, weather, fitness level, terrain features and outdoor experience, that must be considered prior to seeking a cache. Be prepared for your journey and be sure to check the current weather and conditions before heading outdoors. Always exercise common sense and caution.

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